African Print Backpacks

Asides from the comfort backpacks afford, they help the owner stay very organized and can be carried for a long period. Travelling with a high-quality backpack helps keep your items close and prevents thieves from picking your things. A fashion statement can even be made by purchasing a trendy African Print Backpack that matches your outfit.

Listed below are types of African Print Backpacks that might suit your fashion taste.

1. Ankara Print Mini Backpack

This type of bag that is bigger than a waist purse, but not as big as a normal backpack can comfortably hold your snacks, phone, and laptop.  Since they are lighter and carried at the back, they are more comfortable than handbags. Look out for the fit, weight, and quality while picking a mini backpack. If it is an African Print Backpack made by us, even better.

African Print Mini Backpack
Ankara Mini Backpack

2. Ankara Tote Backpack

Popularised sometime in the 17th century, a tote is often a large bag with a broad opening and matching handles. A tote is not the same as a handbag. While a handbag (shoulder bag) usually has pockets and various openings, a tote has a single, large opening. Our Tote backpacks are very unique and fashionable. It is unlikely that someone has an exact tote bag like yours. Its versatility provides you the luxury of carrying it for shopping or even lectures. Since it is large, it fits a lot of items ranging from bottles to books and even a laptop.

Ankara Tote Backpack
Ankara Tote Backpack

3. Convertible Backpack in Ankara Print

As the name implies, this type of backpack allows you to switch from one backpack to another so various purposes are served. A convertible can be changed to a tote or even a cross-body purse.

Convertible Backpack in African Print
Convertible Backpack in African Print

4. Kente Print Laptop Backpack

Unlike a  tote or mini backpack, a laptop backpack is specially designed to protect the device from scratches, water, and bumps. It also reduces the amount of dust that the device comes in contact with. The Kente Print is a Ghanaian textile that was worn by royalties in the past.

Kente Print Laptop Bag
Kente Print Laptop Backpack

5. Ankara Print Sling Backpack

It is designed like a regular backpack but has one shoulder handle instead of two. They are easy to carry and hold essential belongings. In warm weather, sling backpacks are perfect because they prevent excessive sweat on the shoulders. With a sling backpack, your hands are free, yet your possessions are very close to you. It is usually worn cross-body and is not heavy.

African Print Sling Backpack
Ankara Print Sling Backpack

6. Patchwork Backpack

This style requires sewing together different pieces of fabric to form a larger design. The patches are usually carefully measured and cut to ensure that although they are of varying textiles, they are well arranged. A Patchwork  backpack can come in different styles, shapes,  and textures.

 Patchwork Backpack
Patchwork Backpack

7. Ankara Waist Purse

It is also known as a belt bag or a bum bag. It is a small bag  worn around the waist and fastened by a buckle. This accessory is quite light and easy to carry. Because of how small it is, only little and a few vital ersonal belongings can conveniently stay in it. A waist purse can be used or hold items during exercise or while running an errand.

African Print Waist or Fanny Pack
African Things Ankara Waist/ Fanny Pack

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