African Wholesale Imports

Africa has become one of the emerging and attractive markets for companies oriented for imports. Two of the world’s leading economies, China and the US, currently have so many businesses with different parts of the world, including Africa.

Notwithstanding, you can still buy choice products from Africa irrespective of where you are from. Most African businesses that deal in wholesale have organized shipping networks that allows them to sell their wares to all parts of the world.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the seemingly undiscussed African products you can buy. They are not the typical crude oil and cobalt you know, but you’ll surely love them. Let’s ride

Top 5 Major African Imports

There are various African wholesale products to choose from. African products like oil, shea butter, African fabrics, local foodstuffs, and leather.

These products have widely become favorable and promising opportunities on the foreign market. If you are targeting the African buyers in new African markets, you are at the right place.

1. Leather

Africa is a continent that is known for producing good quality leather and hides in the marketing industry today. Leather is one of the most popular traded commodities.

This sector has been booming with a lot of potential, and has created a lot of platforms and creativity worldwide. Over the years, trading of leather goods, hides, and skins have become a very lucrative business.

Two of the most sought after countries, Ethiopia and Kenya, have been identified as the best location to purchase any leather material of your choice.

African leather products are numerous and can be easily affordable at the African Things company, where you can find your taste of leather made products. Some of these products include Bags, table and car organisers, suit, footwear’s, and many more.

2. Clothing and textile

Another industry that has been a major impact in Africa is the fashion and textile industry. In Morocco and Lesotho, various fabrics and textiles are the biggest exports provided for the world to purchase at ease.

Some of these African fabrics are more valuable, even outside the country, as they serve as status symbols of the continent’s growth and wealth. In a bid to retain new trends in the fashion world, nothing is wasted as every effort is applied in producing the most unique labels and tags.

Different beautiful African prints from clothings such as the adire, Ankara, and many more have been created. Home decors like throw pillows and cushions can also be styled with these African prints. This is definitely one way to maintain the industrialization pace.

Adire lounge scarf

3. Jewelries

One of the major suppliers of materials for the production of jewellery in Africa is South Africa. This country is a well known importer of fine jewelry worldwide.

It is expected that the price rate of Jewellery will shoot high because of its high quality and rampant demand for it. The jewelry market is mostly run by tourists because of how cheap jewellery is in the local currency rate.

Africa is a large reserve of pure gold, which doesn’t easily or react with other elements that might cause wear or fade. It remains wearer friendly for all customers.

Purchase your quality African jewelry from us and at an affordable price.

Black bead necklace

4. Cotton

Africa represents 5% of worldwide cotton production and holds more than 9% of its cotton exports. This is one of the top and most vital cash crops in the African continent.

Cotton is important to the economies of Togo and Benin. It is usually a complementary cash crop, cultivated for sale with other crops grown for subsistence.

Most cultivation methods for cotton in Africa are grown by smallholders farmers. Cotton has been used by most clothing and fashion designers to make various comfortable wears like cotton shirts, caps etc.

Note that you can get them with customised beautiful African prints, and at ease from our African Things stores.

5. Cosmetics

Africa still represents one of the most developing markets worldwide, especially when it comes to cosmetics. There is a huge demand for these beauty and care products from countries like North America and others.

Trust Africa to always be at their best when it comes to looking good. Some of these products include face washes, beauty soap, body creams, dyes, eye and face makeup, powder, and a lot more.

In a bid to manufacture more of these products, we still remain assertive and highly ready to deliver them to our consumers worldwide, demanding for the best.

Sapphire Shea Butter Souffle Cream (Medium)


With the steady growth rate of Africa, there is no doubt that the continent has huge business opportunities ready for movement. This also makes it one of the rising and attractive markets for companies that are ready to export.

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