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African Things: Africa’s leading directory for African Producers and Manufacturers.

African Things is an online e-commerce marketplace dedicated to providing a quick, safe and secure platform for B2B (Buyer to Buyer) interactions, connecting manufacturers, producers and retailers from all across Nigeria and the Globe.

Our marketplace aims to help hundreds of African producers and business owners connect with buyers and facilitate sales via a secure escrow payment mechanism. All this in addition to being an online retail store, cataloguing and selling our own quality manufactured products and those of other businesses and producers. This makes us the idea partners for companies looking for distributors in Nigeria and across Africa.

Our community of manufacturers across Africa, distributors and dealers, allows for individuals and businesses in need of bulk goods to easily find and connect with producers simply by posting a request under the particular category on our forum. Whether it is beauty and skin care, accessories or food and beverage; we connect buyers to their potential suppliers without them having to go to a physical location. We put suppliers in contact with their potential buyers and see that the supply process is complete and satisfactory. We have teamed up with shipping companies such as DHL, Freight.Ng and Courier Plus to adequately fulfil all your import and export needs. For more information on posting requests, watch our step-by-step video.

We are here to assist you with a secure way to purchase items ranging from Gift items, home décor, food and beverage, skin care, and much more.  Simply visit our shop.

Our platform offers manufacturers, producers and other related businesses the opportunity the sell on our website, simply by registering on African Things as a Vendor and choose your subscription plan. We have three subscription plans to select from, all offering safe escrow protected transaction on the platform, unlimited product listings, data & reporting and mini-site creation. Populating and maintaining your store is even easier; we offer professional product photography and product writing services while giving you freedom to keep inventory and manage your store from the back end.

The African Things website also serves as an African buyer’s business directory, and a totally free Nigerian business listing site for those in need of greater online presence. It is a great opportunity to further expose your brand and foster connections with consumers and buyers. You can also become and African Things Distributor! Buy our well-crafted, branded products in bulk for wholesale.

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