Corporate Gift Items

One of the ways to boost workplace morale and have your employees feel appreciated is gift giving. Do not get me wrong, corporate gifting is not excluded only to the workplace. You can also give gifts to your clients and customers to reward them for doing business with you or for sticking with your brand. Everyone loves to be appreciated no matter how little. Below is an African Things idea list of things you can use as Corporate Gift Items.

1. Gift Hampers

We don’t think you can ever go wrong with gift hampers. The beautiful thing about hampers is that you can customise them to suit your budget, the season and even preferences. Hampers can contain everything ranging from sweets to foodstuff. If you think it’s deserving to be gifted, then there’s a hamper for it. You just have to curate it.

African Things Hamper Basket
African Things Hamper Basket

2. Desk Organizers

A desk organizer is a very appropriate corporate gift because it is useful and very functional in day-to-day work activities. It is not one of those gifts that would end up behind a drawer. Definitely a win.

Desk Organizer from African Things
African Things Desk Organizer

3. Tie set

A tie set is also a very thoughtful gift for corporate settings. This is so because a lot of people who dress up to work or work in office settings are most often than not dressed in corporate attires.

Ankara african print neck tie and cufflinks
Neck Tie Set

4. Pen and Pencil Case

Stationery is a workplace staple so a pen or pencil case will come in very handy, especially for people who use a lot of them and want to make sure they are well placed and easy to find or access.

Orange Ankara and jeans Pencil case
Orange Ankara and jeans Pen and Pencil case


5. Car Organiser

A car organiser is a perfect gift for a car owner, especially someone who has kids or a family or has people going in and out of their automobile. The car organizer helps to put things in place and in order. It is also very helpful in cases of emergency.

Car Organiser
Branded Car Organiser

6. Laptop bag

The world becoming a global village has made it imperative for almost everyone in the corporate world to own a laptop. Having a laptop comes with the need to protect it and also move it around securely. A laptop bag would be a very appreciated and appropriate gift because it is helpful and can also serve as a form of fashion statement if it is branded or customized like this.

Laptop bag in African Print
African Print Laptop Bag

7. Drawstring Bag

Like their elder and more advanced counterpart — the laptop bag, drawstring bags function as a sort of easy carry-all bag. They are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and very cute when properly done. It is a very good gift that cuts across board.

Ankara Drawstring Bag
Ankara Travel Drawstring bags

8. Notebooks

This is a very generic corporate gift item. It is generic because no matter who you are or the sector you’re into, you would use notebooks in one way or another. For your notebook gift to stand out, however, we suggest some sort of customization or branding. Something that would make it different from the usual notebook gifts like having them wrapped or customized using Ankara. That’s something we don’t see every day and it would definitely make a lasting impression.

African Things Red Ankara Flap Notebooks
African Things Red Ankara Flap Notebooks

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