Different African Print Headwrap styles

African Print Headwrap have really grown in style, variety, and popularity. These headwraps are found and worn in different colors and prints. They also come in numerous sizes, typically 70 inches by 22 inches in Ankara, kente, dashiki, and pretty much any ethnic African prints.

African print headscarves have become a major accessory among women in the contemporary world. Movies like Wakanda have also put African print at the front chapter of the fashion landscape.

Ankara headwraps are used as a turban to make a fashion statement or on bad hair days to give an appealing and fashionable look.

7 Best African Head Wraps in 2021

Here are the top 7 of the best African headwraps.

1. Kente Wrap

Also known as the royalty print from Ghana, it is a fabric that has a combination of different beautiful colors on it. These colors are green, orange, and yellow. Anyone who sees this wax print headwrap will easily fall in love with it.

This African kente wrap can be worn with any outfit you desire and still look elegant. Learn how to tie your kente head wrap in this video.

2. The Neema Head Wrap

If you’re looking for a cool-toned African head wrap, I am so sure you will love this scarf! It is a beautiful and exotic-looking Africa print headwrap.

This headwrap will always catch the attention of anyone passing by. It has blue-yellow cotton with a touch of black and white, which is so sophisticated and can be styled to your desire.

3. Multi coloured Ankara Scarf

This Ankara headscarf is made from 100% African wax fabric. The two colors, yellow and orange, interwoven on the scarf, gives a beautiful pattern that makes it unique, with a little similarity to the kente print.

This fabric is unbelievably cheap too! Its burst of colors makes your outfit pop when paired with neutral tone cloth materials. It adds a touch to your elegant dress style.

4. Osumare African Print Head Wrap

This hand-printed scarf has a double-sided print that looks good from any angle. It is a 100% African wax cotton that will style your hair, paired with a white, black, or red top for an astonishing look that will wow people. This wrap measures 72 inches by 22 inches.

5. Ankara Turban

This double-sided Ankara turban scarf is dyed on both sides for convenience. It measures 72 inches by 20 inches that is available in a wide range of colors. It is made of high-quality cotton wax.

6. The Golden Brown Head Wrap

This African head wrap can be styled in so many beautiful and fun ways. The combination of the two colors, brown and gold, gives a very subtle and flirty touch altogether.

This headwrap is never loud but will always catch the attention of people. You can always style it cool too. If you want to play it cool, you also have a winner with this.

7. Nigerian Gele Head Tie

The Nigerian gele is an all-around 77 and 22 inches that will give you the look of a queen and make you stand out at any time. Learn how to tie your very own Ankara gele head wrap in this video

This African scarf is made with African Aso ke fabric that is 100% cotton and made locally in Nigeria by artisans. Thumbs up for this ready-to-wear African headwrap for women!


It is a vital accessory that has given a unique trend to the fashion world. I hope you found this African headwrap post helpful in your search for the best Ankara and kente print headscarves.

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