Online shopping and E-commerce have come to stay. Today you have no excuse for not having your products on an online platform. Regardless, many truly do not have the time or resources to manage both an online store and their overall business. African Things has the scheme to relieve such individuals of this burden. With our platform, you can create your own store page and we will help you upload and manage your products and orders. Also aiding you with your online marketing, getting both individual and bulk orders from buyers across Africa.

Step 1 – Register

  • Register and get approved
  • Pick a Subscription plan
  • Other services we offer include
    • Upload products on to the website
    • Front page banner and Advertising

Step 2 – Upload products

  • Vendors may either upload their products themselves or contact us via email to upload on their behalf (cost apply).

    Video on how to upload products
  • Vendors also have the option of sending their products to us for professional product shoots which will be uploaded to the site.
  • Vendor’s product creation must comply with set guidelines to be accepted by our team.
  • We also provide product description writing services

Step 3 – Monitor orders

Manage your online store from your end,

  • Vendors can track inventory and updates to their listings
  • They can keep track of orders
  • Vendors can also join in our promotional campaigns
  • They can also use customer metrics tools to monitor seller performance

Step 4 – How to process your orders

  • Email notification of an order request
  • Message and negotiate with buyers
  • Send quote
  • Payment sent to Escrow
  • Produce and deliver

Step 5 – Shipping

We have shipping partners to help reduce the burden on shipping

  • DHL shipping partnership
  • Courier plus

Step 6 – Get paid

  • When using our Escrow service, payment is released once the buyer has approved that the goods have been delivered and received.
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