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Buying and selling is a practice that is as old as time. For as long as we can remember, humans as a whole have always exchanged and bartered goods and services for money and vice versa. This brings us to wholesaling. Buying products wholesale is the process resellers use when they buy products in bulk and resell them piece by piece. By buying in bulk, retailers can get products for a lesser cost per unit and then sell them separately for more money to make a profit.

Here is the process simplified:

  • A reseller buys products in bulk from a wholesaler
  • Gets them at a discounted wholesale price for their bulk purchase
  • They resell the products to customers at a higher price otherwise known as the retail price.
  • They make a profit due to the difference between the wholesale and the retail prices compared to buying from retail sellers.

We believe that buying wholesale products, especially African products and reselling them at retail prices can be the foundation of a solid business model. This is because there is a huge demand for African products but a relatively low supply. This is where we come in — you can buy Wholesale African Products from African Things and resell them to make profits. The concept is very straightforward – you purchase the products at a relatively low price and resell them at a higher price. Pretty sweet right?

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Here are some of the African products you can buy from us wholesale and resell:

1. Food Products

Food products are at the top of our list because we Africans have a special bond and attachment to our food. It s a product that will be flying off your shelves because let’s face it, everyone eats. You can find a variety here.Plantain Flour

2. African Fabric

Africans love to celebrate so we’re almost always looking for new and beautiful fabric to make clothes with for these occasions.



3. Products Covered with African print

Listen, once a product has African print on it, it’s a winner. One thing Africans love more than African fabric is something covered or made with African print.

Handmade Bag


4. Unusual socks

This is a very important mention because it is not every day you see Adire socks. We reckon it will be flying off your shelves in droves.

Adire lounge socks

5. Artwork

Art and beauty are some of the things most appreciated by humans. When it turns out to be exotic art, it is even more appreciated. African artwork ticks that box.

African mask sculpture

6. Jewelry

Before times began to change, jewellery was a sort of status symbol. Only the very wealthy got adorned in jewellery and best believe African jewellery comes with that exotic beauty. There is beaded jewellery, jewellery with gemstones and many others.

Native jewellery

7. Adire Clothing

Adire has always been an integral part of African culture. Not only are they filled with stories of our culture, but they are also very colourful and fashionable. A win-win if you ask us.Adire Tee


8. Beauty Products

Everyone knows that African skin and hair texture is different from all other types of hair and skin textures. This means that sometimes, we need beauty and hair products different from the usual to properly nourish and care for our manes.

African Shea Butter


These are but a few of the African products available that you can buy wholesale and resale. Distance is absolutely not an issue as we ship worldwide. You can contact us for more information.

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