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20 Cheap Souvenir Ideas for Corporate Events

These cheap souvenir ideas have all been specially selected to give maximum African sentimental value to your clients and employees, showing that you appreciate them with this unique gift items.

Find below amazing Made in Nigeria Corporate Souvenir ideas that you can give out at your office events, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Receiving gifts is a powerful experience that could create positive connections with a person or business brand. Some of these corporate souvenir ideas include practical swag pieces as well as customizable African gift items.

Celebrate and impress your clients, coworker or employees, with the following souvenir ideas for corporate events. Skip the tired-looking and cheap corporate gifts and surprise them this season with these beautiful, thoughtful, and useful options instead.

The following are 20 souvenir items made in Nigeria that almost everyone will love:

1. Backpacks

A very thoughtful way of gifting your clients, employees, business partners, or corporate friends would be to give them friendly-looking backpacks with many essentials. You can get it branded to be more exquisite.


2. Laptop Bag

One of the most important parts of a business travel kit, next to your phone or laptop, is the bag that holds and protects them.

Brown leather laptop bag

3. Suitcase

Business travel has never looked so cool when it’s done safe and stylish. With a suitcase, they will be organized and at ease as they move from one destination to another.


4. Shoe Polishing Case

Getting your client a great shoe shine kit to keep their shoes shining to perfection is another beautiful way to appreciate them.

5. Hamper Basket

Who wouldn’t love a basket filled with sweet treats like chocolates and dry fruits during festivities? It is a most have Souvenir gift item during Christmas in Nigeria. 


6. Ankara Notebooks

Another cheap souvenir ideas for corporate events in Nigeria are these lovely custom-made African Print Notebooks. Executing a well-planned idea does not happen overnight. Help your colleagues discover the next big idea with a beautiful African print notebook that is organized in sections. 

Felabration Ankara Notebooks
Felabration Ankara Notebooks
African Things Ankara Notebooks
African Things Ankara Notebooks

7. Desk Organizer

This gift item will keep your employees focused, knowing that their desk is organized and ready for work. It’s one of the most thoughtful souvenir items in Lagos due to the busy life in that part of the world.

8. Branded T-shirt

Personalized t-shirts can make a great impression on your clients, showing your unalloyed appreciation. What a great way to encourage them to kick their feet up.


9. Branded Umbrellas

If you want your team’s cup to overflow with appreciation, consider a well-customized branded umbrella so they can enjoy using it in and out of the workspace. This is also a beautiful souvenir item for weddings in Nigeria.

10. Batik (Adire) Fabric

Colors have a way of brightening one’s day. A personal batik fabric that your employees or clients can comfortably use will lift their spirits! They will be filled with appreciation.

11. Wallets

Wallets are essentials and cheap souvenir ideas that people can’t do without. A person is probably not fully dressed until they have one.


12. iPad Case/ Memo Pad

Employees usually spend a huge amount of their time at work. So, giving them quality office essentials is a great idea.

Green Ankara Ipad case
Green Ankara Ipad case

13. Hand Fan

A hand fan is one of the popular souvenir items in Nigeria. In hot seasons, entrepreneurs and white-collar workers will cherish this gift item because of its ability to bring relief to them.

14. Drawstring Bags/ Carrier Bag

Another beautiful corporate gifting option is an eco-friendly carrier bag for your employees. The gift bag can have thermal coffee mugs, stainless steel water bottles, tote bags, etc.

Social Prefect Travel String bags


15. Key Chain

Key chains are small, fancy, and affordable accessories that your employees will wish you had gifted them earlier. This helps them secure their keys.


16. Decorative Tissue Box

What better way of holding and storing your tissue papers than with a box for it. This gift item is hygienic and also productive. It’s low-budget and quickly becoming one of the popular wedding souvenir items in Lagos.

17. Branded Mugs

Mugs keep beverages at a perfect temperature for those times when your employees get distracted by a project at work. It’s one of the most common wedding souvenir items in Nigeria.

18. Table Mat/ Mouse Pad

It is the desire of every worker to have a table that looks good and neat every now and then. This will put smiles on their faces.


19. Basket Organizers

Stylish decorative storage for an office or home is a great productive touch for a gift. Most wedding souvenir items include a basket organizer.


20. Car Organizer

We all know that a messy and unorganized car is a big cause of stress for some people. This amazing gift item helps to also ensure reduced stress at all driving times. Your employees will love it!



Finding the right souvenir ideas for corporate events in Nigeria can be a challenge. To help you make the right and easy choices, check out more for affordable ideas on various African souvenir items in Nigeria.


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