Frequently Asked Questions

For more information and clearer answers to your questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're available through multiple channels:

Call/WhatsApp: +234 816 672 5362.

What is African things about?

African Things is a vibrant brand that celebrates African culture through a diverse range of products, from traditional attire to unique accessories, showcasing the richness of our heritage.
In addition to that we offer high quality Gift items, up to 70% discount on bulk order sales, good premium quality t-shirts and polos and our ultimate goal is to have our products in every household in Africa. We currently supply to over 10 retail outlets including SPAR, Reacon, Mega Plaza and More.

So whether you are looking for quality African products to sell at your store or unique gift items to give at your event, African things is the partner for you. We are currently located in Banex Mall, Oniru, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.
Production timeline depends largely on the quantity of items to be produced and it falls within 2-30 days.

Where is your store located?

Our main store is located at Banex Mall, Oniru, Lekki Lagos , and we also have an online presence on Facebook , Instagram, X and on LinkedIn for convenient shopping. Our website is

Are you on Instagram?

Yes, we are active on Instagram! You can follow us @Africanthings for the latest updates and product showcases.

Who have you done jobs for?

We have had the pleasure of working with various organizations and individuals, including MTN Nigeria, Digital Jewel, Lagos Business School, UNICEF, JCI, Accion Microfinance bank and many more

Can I trust you with my order?

Absolutely, trust is essential. We take pride in our reputation for delivering quality products and excellent customer service. We have some amazing reviews on our websit

How long does it take to deliver 1000pcs of item?

The delivery time for 1000 pieces depends on the specific items and customization. We will work closely with you to ensure a timely and smooth process.

Can I supply you fabrics?

We welcome collaborations! Please share more details about the fabrics, and we can discuss the possibilities.

what type of branding options do you have?

Our branding options include embroidery, monogramming, screen printing, and custom packaging to suit your preferences and elevate your brand identity.

Do you ship abroad and how long does it take?

Yes, we offer international shipping. The delivery time varies depending on the destination, and we can provide specific details based on your location.

Can I pick up my order from your store?

Certainly! You can choose to pick up your order directly from our store during our business hours(10am-6pm).

Do you sow them yourself or you ship in from China?

We take pride in our craftsmanship. Our products are designed and created locally,we produce them here, reflecting the authenticity of African culture.

How can we reach you?

You can reach us through our contact details on our website 08166725362, or feel free to visit our store. Additionally, you can connect with us on social media platforms like Instagram,Linkedin and Facebook.

My organization is planning to have an end of event and our budget is 1000 ,what can I get for that price for 120staffs?

With a budget of #1000, we can provide a variety of products for your 120 staff members, including custom accessories-key rings, apparel, or a combination tailored to your event’s theme and needs. Let’s discuss your preferences to create a memorable experience for your organization.

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