African Home Decor

Africa is an exotic-looking region that excites and stays on your mind forever once you visit it. The African style is also enriched with a touch of the original tribe art of this mysterious continent. Expensive materials such as crocodile, lizard leather, zebra, giraffe skin, rosewood, palm, and wenge wood are often used in the African style.

You will be transforming your home into paradise if you style it with linen souvenirs made of African stones and curtains with embroidery tiger figures. If you love this part of the world but can’t go there, you can always bring this flavor to your home, creating African-inspired interiors. Such rooms are perfect for countries with long winters, to add some warmth to the interiors.

Characteristic Features of African Décor

1. African Statuettes, Pottery And Masks

Wooden statuettes and masks are known as sacred objects in the life of Africans, and of course, there’s no African interior decor without them. Use a variety of figurines with different proportions.

Some of them can deliberately have elongated legs or hands, covered with feathers and various potteries to decorate your home. Most of these pieces are what you need to give your interiors an Africa touch, even if they are minimalist.

African face mask

2. Dark Wood Furniture or Animal Skin Stuffing

Dark wooden furniture, usually angular and slightly mannered, is a characteristic feature of African interiors. Choose ethical prints or faux animal skins that will perfectly emphasize the interior. You may go for woven furniture outdoors. It is also suitable for African interiors.

3. Light Walls And Warm Colors

Traditional African homes are usually huts with clay and rough walls. So if you want to bring an African touch to your interior, start off on your walls with something like plaster, wallpapers, and remember that each shade should be warm.

This is because African nature is always warm-colored, and you should repeat that feature in your home too. Be it yellow, orange, burgundy, red, brown, buttermilk, and so on.

4. African Print Fabrics

In Africa today, a lot of homes are mesmerising inbuilt sanctuaries for show case because of the use of African print fabric decor. Decors like Ankara made Pillows, curtains, and throws give instant excitement and warmth to the home.

For example, throw pillows are probably one of the easiest ways to refresh your home without having to spend a lot of cash. Pillow covers are also very special and useful because they can easily serve as a cover to your cushions, making them attractive and comfortable for use.

You can even be versatile by thinking creatively with a little bit of touch for kids playrooms, game nights, and meditation spaces. pillow, playroom cushions for your kids and more.

5. Ethical Textiles And Faux Animal Skins

Prints like zebra and leopard are one of the first choices for textiles and upholstery, and of course, floor covers such as rugs because they create a mood. Weaving carpets and textiles is a tradition for many years for African women, and they give unique patterns each time.

You will need some textiles like curtains and bed clothings, as well as rugs that will give a native touch. You might not find any interest in the original ones, just find Africa-inspired textiles.

With a minimal cost to your budget, you can always do a very simple version of the African interior. All you need to do is set the wall wallpaper African native, rural or animal themes.

Another option for styling up your home in an African way is to enter rough and simply wicker furniture with low quality of the surface finish.

African Zebra animal sculpture


More ideas that can give you the taste you desire in creating African interiors are more than enough. Ranging from palm leaves, natural materials, and accessories to wooden and woven ones, oversized photos of African icons for a modern and fresh vibe.

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