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CIBN Corporate Gift Item order

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) is a corporate body set up to promote and maintain professional standards, provide certification and learning opportunities as well as union membership for the banking practitioners of Nigeria.

The CIBN, for their annual conference, enlisted African Things to manufacture and supply their corporate gift items, a total of five hundred bags used as corporate souvenirs for their attendees. This particular job came with its own interesting twist and challenge, the CIBN requested for its own customized fabric, which we created by utilizing their logo as a motif to create the repeat pattern. This pattern was edged into canvas fabric and used as part of the backpacks’ design. The design also included a clean and crisp monogram onto the front of the backpack.

The design process included the creation of a two-dimensional illustration with all the features discussed present. The proposed design was sent to the CIBN for their approval and comments. Following their approval, a sample was manufactured for their inspection.

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An initial deposit of 70 percent was paid down for this large order. After the sample bag was approved, African Things began to manufacture from scratch the five hundred backpacks for the conference, the project took a total of three months to complete, inclusive of the quality control process. In quality control, our employees ensured that the finishing of these products were seamless, cutting away any threads that hung out and ensuring zippers, clasps and other elements were all functional. Stress tests were also conducted on the bags, here each of the bags to pressure by loading them with the capacity to which they could take; Ensuring that once they get to their owners, they will not fall apart under the weight of items contained within them and that they would be long-lasting.

In addition to this order, notebooks were produced with ankara front covers and magnetic clasps. The pages of the notebook were also customised to the CIBN’s request with details of the conference such as title and date.

Currently, African Things can produce large orders such as what was done for the CIBN conference within a month, and more complicated pieces such as what the CIBN requested within two months. Thanks to our now increased capacity, higher number of staff at the factory and state-of-the-art equipment, we have been able to reduce waiting periods by half. Now you can get great quality in a timeless fashion and for the same price! Making African Things your ever reliable one-stop shop for any souvenir and gift item needs you have.

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