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African Travel Souvenir Ideas

If you’re a traveler looking for souvenir ideas that remind you of Africa, you’re in luck! At African Things, we understand the importance of staying connected to your roots, no matter where you are in the world. That’s why we’ve created a store at Banex mall, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria where you can find unique gift items that remind you fondly of The Motherland. From traditional African clothing to handmade crafts, we’ve got it all. So the next time you’re looking for a travel souvenir, be sure to stop by African Things!

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Below are a couple of things you can be sure to find in an African Gift Store.

1. Artwork

Art has been the bedrock of many a civilization so it is only normal that you would find art that is made for Africans and by Africans in an African Gift Store. You can find various artworks here.

African mask sculptureAfrican mask sculpture

2. Adire clothes

Adire dates back a long time in the past to when our ancestors had to find ways to make their outfits as colourful as possible to counteract the mostly dull outfits the slave masters left them with. Hence, you can say it has some sort of sentimental value for us. The clothes are colourful and very fashionable. You can find a wide variety here.

3. Jewellery

Most of the time, different cultures have jewellery that is specific to them while others have jewellery with special significance to them. Some of them include beaded jewellery, jewellery with special stones, pieces of jewellery made with African print and a lot more.

Beaded Jewelry

4. Tableware

Africans have a variety of cultural practices and respect for good table manners is one of the core ones. This is why place or table mats are very important — they keep everyone properly seated and make sure the table is easier to clean.

Table Mats

5. African print bags and wallets

Back in the day, our forefathers carried their personal effects in bags made of animal skin. This goes to show that we’ve always had the need as a society to have our things handy and easily accessible. The present generation has found a way to fulfill that need while managing to infuse culture and fashion hence we have our African print bags and wallets.

African Print Wallets

6. African print footwear

The same way there are footwear made of crocodile skin or various other materials is the same way there are foot wears made with an addition of African prints. These serve as really good gifts because they are portable but also fashionable.

7. Food stuff

One of the things that serve as a very potent reminder of our roots as Africans is the food. Every culture has a peculiar way of preparing different meals. Due to this, there are also ingredients that are very specific to them. You can find various food items dear to us as Africans and Nigerians here.

8. African print head wears

When a lot of people think of Africans, they imagine us with very colourful head wraps and head covers. Even as hilarious as this picture is, it is not entirely far from the truth. We as Africans love our headpieces and it is not changing any time soon.

The above-mentioned and more are a couple of things you can find in an authentic African Gift Store. We hope you found it insightful.

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