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4 Coolest Back To School Backpacks

It doesn`t matter if you are in high school or college, getting the perfect backpack for school is one task that has got to be done perfectly. I remember going to the market with my mom twice to get mine. We had to go twice because I didn`t see the one I liked the first time. I`ve been there, so I understand how perfect you`ll want your backpack to be.
Over the years, different designs of school bags have been introduced and one of them is the African Things Ankara backpacks. If you`re passionate about the African Culture and heritage, then these backpacks are the best options for you because not only are they beautiful, they are comfortable and can hold all your school materials while being stylish and classy.
So, below are 4 Coolest back to school backpacks from AfricanThings
1. The Oju back pack
2. African things Roy backpack
3. The Sisi backpack 
4. The Commander backpack
The good thing about having these African inspired backpacks is that it can double as a school bag, can be used to any occasion and can be rocked in different ways. Highlighted below are descriptions and features of the backpacks.

1. The Oju Back Pack: The Oju backpack is known for its beautiful design and spacious outlets than can hold all your necessities. It is multi-purpose and fashionable. If you love classy and audacious, the “Oju” bag is for you.

– Spacious
– Fashionable and colorful
– spacious
– attractive
– multipurpose

2. The “ROY” backpack, also known for its beautiful designs and shape is the right bag for the creative and fun minded person. It comes in different patterns and colors. You`ll just love it.


– Durable
– Comfortable 
– Fashionable

3. The “sisi” backpack: The “sisi” backpack is a very attractive backpack with lots of space to convey your school necessities. With two extra bag space at the sides, it gives a sophisticated look that can be pulled off by any student. 


– Spacious
– Fashionable
– Attractive
– Durable


4. The Commander backpack : Just as the name indicates, the Commander backpack is unique in design giving it a very fabulous look. You want to look simple yet fashionable and elegant, the Commander backpack is your go-to choice.

Quality ankara fabric and leather
Spacious main, enough to contain a 500 sheets of A4 paper pack.
Zipper closure
Water resistant interior
Front leather storage and side pocket for phones, pens and other accessories
Adjustable shoulder straps

You don`t have to search so long for the backpack of your choice, We`ve got you covered with our beautiful African Inspired backpacks.

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