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How to Make an Adire T-shirt

Tie-dye and Adire have become widely popular in Nigeria’s pop culture scene. Young people are embracing their cultural heritage with modern twists and Adire shirts are a must have in your wardrobe. This article takes you through the basic terms in dye art, from tie dye to stamps and other resistance methods used in dyeing …

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Dashiki, or ‘dan-ciki,’ meaning loose-fitting pullover, is derived from the Hausa language. This originated in West Africa as a functional work tunic for men, comfortable enough to wear in the heat. It is a loose-fitting garment with a V-neckline, which is often embroidered and mainly worn by men. Now, women also wear it in the …

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The multi-ethnicity of Nigerian culture gives value to various kinds of art, such as wood carving, pottery, glass and metal works, leather and calabash, painting, textile, and grass weaving. One of these kinds of art is popularly known among the people of Egbaland in Ogun State. This historical textile, Adire, reflects the origin of their …

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