African print Mini Backpack Now on Etsy!!

It’s Back To School season and that means new waterproof African Print Mini backpack amongst a zillion other school items that would be needed.

Searching for a mini backpack that is both cute, versatile and still African may seem exhausting or even plain unattainable but we’re here to help. If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to have all the fine qualities you need in a bag made with gorgeous one-of-a-kind African print designs while still being versatile and multi purpose, you’re not alone. We are pleased to introduce the African Things drawstring backpack which is versatile, sturdy and made with quality canvas plus anti-wash linen material to keep your belongings safe against theft and water.

Due to the fact that preferences may differ, our backpacks come in different colors and prints, giving you a variety to choose from.

Ada Astec

This drawstring backpack bag locks down class and features kente-like African print which is both captivating and fashionable.

Ada Badire

This cute mini backpack is perfect if you’re not trying to draw all the attention away from your outfit but still want to be elegant. The colors are warm and somewhat toned down in comparison to the Ada Astec bag.

 Ada Batik

Like the material it is named after, this mini backpack bag has colorful and bright dots and lines on its design. It is suitable for hiking, camping and outdoorsy activities. If you’re partial to the colour blue, then this variant of the Ada mini backpack series would greatly impress you. Even though it shares some similarities with the Ada Batik bag, this drawstring backpack bag has an outstanding ridge of blue which differentiates it entirely from the Batik bag.


Here are a few things our African print backpacks have to offer:

Durability : Our bags are made with sturdy canvas materials that can last the test of time and harsh weather conditions. It is a rugged hand made bag made with beauty in mind. Suitable for hiking and outdoor activities.

 Ample Space: Our backpack has plenty of room for your 9.7’’ Ipad, kindle, clothes, cosmetics, books, binders, folders, textbooks, A4 magazines, and other everyday essentials. You can save these things in this cute-sized, colorful backpack.

Multi-function: You absolutely do not need to get a different bag for your indoor and outdoor activities. The black flap backpack with a fashionable African print design is great as a carry on when you travel, or as a school or college backpack. Perfect for lunch, purse, work rucksack, canvas shoulder bag/school bag when traveling, shopping, working, dating, vacation.

Adjustable Straps: These bags are also made with convenience in mind. Therefore you can easily adjust the shoulder straps as needed depending on the amount of things you’re carrying and the weight of items in the bag. You can use them for a very long time.

Water Protection: Come rain or shine, your belongings are safe. These bags have a modern look in addition to the fact that it is made of very sturdy and reliable material. The bag is also lined with waterproof lining to prevent water from damaging whatever contents it might have. In addition, it is washable.

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