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Wholesale Ankara Bags in Nigeria

Are you looking to buy wholesale Ankara bag products in Nigeria but are finding the process of locating quality manufacturers difficult? It can be a very stressful task, identifying the right partners to collaborate with. This may make you want to start making the bags yourself but this also comes with its own stress. 

This article will show you the best way to identify quality wholesale Ankara manufacturers in Nigeria… it’s not 100% stress-free because Nigeria in itself is stressful, but this is the best method that have be proved to work to identifying good quality partners.

1. Have a specific design in mind

  • Do not leave it to the producer alone to develop the design. They may give you suggestions but ensure that you have a clear idea of what you want to be made.
  • Have measurements and specifications on the materials you want to be used.

2. A sample MUST be made

  • Most producers will charge you extra for a sample to be made. Do not see it as an unnecessary expense; it is very important to do a sample. It will save you a lot of headaches while running the bulk order.
  • Do as many quality tests on the sample made. Carry out stress tests and ensure the sewing has been done well. Carry the sample around and in different situations for over a week.
  • Show your potential customer the sample and get feedback on the design.
  • Any adjustments you want to be made to the sample should be documented even if it is via email or WhatsApp chat. This is to prevent he said she said situation.
  • If you want a lot of corrections made to the sample it is best to have another sample made.
  • Do not make corrections after the approval of the sample has been made. So be sure that the sample is exactly what you want.
  • Hold on to the sample; it is your legal proof of what you asked for.

3. Give the production company your specific date for delivery.

  • Do not be vague. “I want it 2 weeks from today.”

4. Make payment on time.

  • If you delay payment, it can delay the production of your order.
  • Pay a deposit; do not pay the full amount as insurance.

5. Do not skip QUALITY CONTROL

  • Check every single product one by one. The outside and the inside.
  • Compare the final production with the sample originally delivered.
  • Ask them for a warranty period.

6. Pay the balance on time

  • Paying on time and with little stress will help you build a good relationship with your new-found producer.
  • A good relationship can go a long way toward building a sustainable business.

With all this said and done, note that African Things Lifestyle and Fashion will be there for you as your reliable wholesale manufacturing partner. We have done the steps above over and over for over 30 clients including Digital jewels, CIBN, Google, Sattrak and many more start-up businesses. 

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