Business after COVID: post-COVID opportunities

The world as we know it has taken a drastic turn in a new direction.

As unsettling as the current circumstances and economic state of the world and even our nation, Nigeria, are—there is a silver lining even to this particular cloud. A new crop of profitable opportunities are sprouting out from every corner, in places we would have once considered unlikely. Or wouldn’t have considered at all. Below we’ve compiled a brief list of ventures that are proving to be potentially profitable in our post-covid world.

  • DROP SHIPPING: Drop shipping is a retail method where a business does not actually stock the products it sells. Instead, using the drop shipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. You can market products from our SHOP page and sell at a higher margin to friends and family for a profit without actually buying the product until you sell.
  • CLEANING SERVICES: Thorough cleaning is a necessity for even the smallest corner shop. Now more than ever, people are concerned about excellent hygiene. Cleaning and cleaning services for hire are in greater demand for production sites, office environments, restaurants, and other places with fairly large public visitation.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY & STREAMING EQUIPMENT: Covid-19 has led to many brands and businesses revisiting their aesthetics. In the swarm of online stores on Facebook and Instagram, having pleasant visuals has become an almost necessity to appealing to customers and getting good sales. Individuals and small-medium scale brands are largely creating their own content and they require the necessary equipment to create these appealing visuals. Everything from props, to lights, cameras and streaming equipment for live videos and tutorials on Youtube. Providing these equipment and materials for sale or rent is a great business to venture into at this time.
  • DELIVERY SERVICES:  A great way to make money in the age of online shopping and couriering is to provide delivery services to small businesses. Utilize your vehicles and motorcycles, advertise and add your business listing sites.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Visuals and aesthetic mean everything on the online space we are now largely compelled to operate in. Graphic design and illustration for brands and individuals is more profitable than ever. Don’t have any design skills? Chances are you know someone, who knows someone who does (especially amongst millennials and the Gen-Z). You can build a team of designers, manage the business operations pay them a fair commission for their services.

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