11 Unique Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs

Undoubtedly, Nigerian wedding souvenirs capture the vibrancy and cultural richness of these unforgettable celebrations, an experience widely regarded as a must-have on one’s bucket list.

One of the highlights of attending a Nigerian wedding is the souvenirs you get to take home with you.
Here are a few Nigerian wedding souvenir ideas that would definitely spark conversation and make your event unforgettable:

1. Nigerian Souvenir Bags

You can gift your guests a bag that can have your name and that of your spouse printed on it. It can also be designed with something unique if you don’t want your names very conspicuous.

Nigerian souvenir bags
Tote Bags

2. Decorated Bottle Openers

This is a nice and very portable souvenir gift. It can serve as a drink opener but can also serve as an ornament for decorating the fridge etc when not in use.

Bottle Openers from African Things

3. Notebooks and Jotters

Everybody uses notebooks for to-do lists, office notes, meeting notes etc. Some people also collect beautiful and eclectic notebooks as a hobby. These can come with a special message or just be plain. You can always get very unique designs from us.

Purple Ankara wedding souvenir Notebooks
Notebooks from African Things

4. Table Place Mats

Giving out table or place mats is one of the unique ways to promote your party and still have your guests fondly remember it. It will be very indelible in their minds.

Table Mat
Place Mats in African Print

5. Tissue Holders

A unique tissue holder would be a very appreciated wedding souvenir. Not only would it be useful, it would also be a sort of art piece for your guest.

African Print Tissue Holders
Custom Tissue Holders in African print

6. Make-up Bag

Any items designed with Ankara are a great wedding gift idea because Nigerians don’t joke with Ankara. These toilet bags blend transparent PVC with water-resistant African print fabric for a stylish and practical travel accessory.

Ankara transparent toilet toiletry bag
Ankara Transparent Toilet Bag

7. Branded Car Organiser

Personalize the car organizer with your logo or message, leaving a lasting impression on your wedding guest while serving as a practical and functional souvenir.

car organizer

8. Ankara Bow Tie and Cufflink Set

This would be the perfect gift for a guest who wears suits often. It’ll be even more appreciated if they are tired of wearing the same tie every day and want some variety.

Ankara Tie Set
African Things Ankara Tie Set

9. Backpacks

Backpacks as wedding souvenir for guests is a brilliant idea! Guests at your wedding would be thrilled to take home your personalized gift because they’ll likely reuse them and your contribution will help enrich their lives on many levels.

Back packs
African Print Backpacks by African Things

10. Hand fans

These hand fans are an ideal gift to give guests at your Nigerian wedding. You could have a message like “thanks for coming” or something else branded on them. They make for lovely keepsakes that guests can take home.

Ankara Hand Fans

11. Phone cases/pouches

Almost everyone is proactive when it comes to protecting their mobile devices and this is where cases and pouches come in. A protective case in African print would definitely be a well-appreciated souvenir gift at a Nigerian wedding.

Ankara Phone Case
Ankara Phone Case

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