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17 Unique Wedding Souvenir Ideas Made in Nigeria

It’s another weekend, and party planners are looking for unique wedding souvenir ideas to make their event special, colorful, and unforgettable. Souvenirs are one of the most amazing memories for Nigerian celebrations; every bride or celebrant who sees their souvenirs months or years later loves the memories they bring.

You don’t have to break the bank to choose wedding souvenirs for your wedding. In Nigeria, there are numerous unique wedding souvenir ideas for visitors that will match your budget well, no matter how modest it is.

Souvenirs are a great way to commemorate a special occasion, and a wedding is no exception. If you’re looking for unique wedding souvenir ideas that are made in Nigeria, here are 17 suggestions:

Are you looking for unique gifts for your visitors, friends, family, and loved ones? African Things has created 17 wedding souvenir ideas Made in Nigeria with high-quality printing that can be given out for any occasion or event. We can have them made specifically to your request and have them delivered right to your door step.

Find below a list of 17 unique wedding souvenir ideas for guests in Nigeria:

1.     Table Runner

Table runners are long, narrow pieces of cloth that are normally put in the center of the table as a decorative element that complements the decor. It can be put on top of a tablecloth or laid directly on top of the table. These basic table decorations are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials to suit almost any personal taste. This look is a great way to draw attention to your centerpiece.

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Table runner

2.     Place mats

Their main purpose is to keep the dining table clean and free of water marks, food stains, and heat damage. Use your wedding colours to customize the table mat and have them serve as decoration for your wedding. Make your wedding truly unique with this wedding souvenir idea by using the table mats with matching runners to decorate your wedding. Give them to your guest as gifts and have them remember your special day for years to come.

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Table Mat

3.     Gift bags

Looking for a simple but stylish souvenir bag for seminars, events, birthdays, burials, or better yet, an amazing wedding gift to surprise your guests? There is no need to look any further. To fit your preferences, these souvenir bags can be made in a variety of colors and sizes. This high-quality souvenir bags are ideal for shopping, special occasions, birthdays, burials, seminars, and as wedding gifts. At African Things we make a range of quality souvenir bags here in Nigeria that you would love to have at affordable bulk price.

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Gift bags in lagos

4.     Drawstring bags

Why not try a drawstring backpack instead of the traditional gift bag? Drawstring closures can keep goods within so securely that you won’t have to worry about their falling out. They’re ideal for the gym, outdoor activities, vacations, and as a wedding souvenir gift. Make yours unique by using different colors to bring out the design. There are also different Branding options available.

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Social Prefect Travel String bags

5.     Pillow cases

African Print decorative pillows bring a touch of Africa to your home. Design your daily routine with African throw pillows for your couch or bed.   These lovely coverings are usually made with a polyester cotton blend linen fabric and are long-lasting. Different Sizes, colors, and materials are all available.

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6.     Make up bags

The importance of having a useful (and attractive) toiletry bag cannot be overstated. Give your guests the best travel toiletry bags in every price range and design to store their makeup, skin care, and other beauty goods. They are machine washable and can be constructed with a waterproof interior. If you like, they can also have built-in pockets and zippers to keep everything organized. Choose your preferred size, whether it’s small or extra-large.

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Ankara transparent toilet toiletry bag

7.       African Ankara leather folding hand fan

This useful wedding souvenir idea is the perfect gift to help your guest stay cool during your event. Each fan has its own Ankara print pattern that can be used with a variety of outfits. The handle is constructed of leather, and the fan is held together by a leather thong.

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Ankara Hand Fan

8.     Face mask

Looking for another useful wedding souvenir idea, then help your guest stay safe with our unisex African print face mask. Give your wedding guests that extra protection from bacteria, pollution and slow the spread of viruses.

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9.     Car organizer

This is unlike any other car storage you’ve ever seen! Organizing your necessities is one less thing to have to worry about. This Car Back Seat Organizer has several storage compartments, including pockets for toys, books, iPads, bottles, drinks, and umbrellas, among other things. A useful wedding souvenir idea that is suitable for most of cars, vehicles and SUV.

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car organizer

10.   Custom Key chains

If you want your gift to be a treasured keepsake, we offer the photo keychains, which features a placeholder image that you may change with a photo of your choice. Other times, a logo keychain will suffice, which you may give to your guests or include in a goodie bag.

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Nail clippers key chain key chain

11.     Wallets or card holders

Our wallet features a classic design that goes with any outfit, formal or informal. It can be presented in a stylish gift box, making it the ideal gift for his birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, wedding, or Father’s Day.

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African Things Grey and Red Ankara Wallet
African Things Grey and Red Ankara Wallet

12.     Adire scarves

Do you want a unique wedding souvenir idea?  Have these elegant shawls specifically made for your wedding with your wedding colours and have your wedding logo used as the print design. Your guest can wear them as casual or formal accessories.

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13.     Slippers

Get these lovely gift items for your bridesmaids. Ankara slippers can be constructed out of a variety of materials (laces, Aso Oke, or Ankara) and in a variety of colors and sizes. You may also use these as Aso Ebi gifts, with the slippers being created from your wedding Aso Ebi fabric. They are an excellent gift that your guests will enjoy for a long time.

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14.     Basket organizers

With storage boxes, you can hide your valuables in plain sight. Storage baskets and boxes offer a neat look and match your style, whether you’re a ‘throw and go’ or a ‘everything in its place’ person. We have a variety of patterns, colors, and materials such as wood and rattan.

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15.      Convertible duffel bag / Folding Travel Bag

This handy little travel bag folds up into a zipped pouch, making it a fraction of its original size, perfect to throw into your suitcase when not in use. When completely packed, the bag fits within many airlines’ cabin size regulations, making it a convenient alternative to a bulky cabin luggage. If you’re searching for a useful wedding souvenir, this is a good option.

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African things collapsible bag small and open

16.      Branded wedding notebooks

Share a product that will keep your guests writing in this lovely wedding spiral notebook long after the big day.  A customized notebook with an encouraging remark or a romantic photo of the couple on the front would definitely set this gift apart and make it as beautiful as it is useful.

Corporate wedding notebooks are also an excellent promotional product for a variety of wedding-related businesses.

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Ankara Notebook from African Things

17.      Ankara Bow ties

Are you looking for a unique gift for the groomsmen? For that particular day, get them Ankara bow ties in the wedding colors with matching pocket squares. If bow ties aren’t your style, consider a neck tie.

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